Alan is the Chief Investigator on the study. He is a lecturer in nutrition-related chronic disease and his research focuses exclusively on nutrition in older people. Alan's work is aimed at attempting to find simple and effective interventions that will help ensure the health and independent living of older people in the UK and around the world.
Liz has taken over from Felicity as the OPAL trial statistician. She has worked as a medical statistician since completing her PhD in Medical Statistics in 2003. Elizabeth previously worked on a cluster randomized trial of sex education (RIPPLE) and her current work includes a study of the use of clotting factors in the treatment of obstetric haemorrhage.
Felicity was the OPAL trial statistician until the end of 2006. Felicity is currently on maternity leave. She works in the Medical Statistics Unit at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and has worked on a variety of projects including a study of the development and treatment of angina across Europe, a study of nutrition in older people, and a study of predictors of health outcomes in the aviation industry.
Diana is Professor of Healthcare Evaluation, based in the Medical Statistics Unit at the LSHTM, and contributes her wide expertise as a trialist to the OPAL trial. She also supervises the trial statistician.
Nicky is one of two Senior Research Nurses based at the GPRF and has the nursing lead for OPAL and (currently) 5 other studies. She trained at King's College Hospital, qualifying as an RGN in 1981, later obtaining a BSc(Econ) in Population Studies from the London School of Economics and the Diploma in Health Care Ethics from King's College London. Before joining the GPRF in 1994 she was Research Sister on the ISOLDE (Inhaled Steroids in Obstructive Lung Disease in Europe) Study at University College Hospital and the London Chest Hospital.
Astrid is a Professor of Epidemiology and Ageing and has substantial experience in carrying out epidemiological studies in the older population including clinical trials. Astrid conducts research all over the world, including the UK, Europe and India, and ran a large trial of community based screening of older people in the UK involving 33,000 patients aged over 75 years.
Is a Senior Database Programmer who has been working at the Clinical Trial unit, Euston London since 1993.He has had 15 Years experience of developing database applications for clinical trials. He designed and developed the following software database applications for OPAL study: Interactive data entry on laptop computers by GPRF nurses;Data management, storage & transfer of accumulated data the external collaborator at the LSHTM; Fish capsule distribution to clinics by GPRF stockroom.
Rosemary is the study co-ordinator on the OPAL study. Her background was originally in nursing, where she specialised in cardiothoracics. Rosemary has several years of research experience both as a research nurse and a study co ordinator. She worked for several years coordinating large angina studies in the Medical Statistics Unit at the LSHTM. Rosemary moved to the GPRF to co-ordinate OPAL in April 2004 though still works part time at the LSHTM.
Carole is the administrator for the OPAL study. Prior to working for OPAL, Carole had worked on a number of research projects based at the LSHTM in conjunction with the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton and the University of Edinburgh. Carole joined the GPRF in January 2005.
Marcus is a Medical Research Council scientist based at University College London. He has worked extensively in the field of cognitive ageing, including dementia and has worked with the GPRF on cognitive outcomes in several clinical trials including the Women's International Study of Long-Duration Oestrogen (WISDOM-COG) HRT trial.
Ann is based at the Data Co-ordinating Centre in the Medical Statistics Unit of LSHTM. She has many years experience of working on multicentre randomised controlled trials. She has been involved with OPAL from the design and development stage and is now working with the team that collects and analyses the data.
Ricardo is a Professor of Public Health Nutrition and has wide-ranging expertise including basic nutritional science, applied biomedical research, and population-based intervention programmes. His areas of interest in nutrition research span the age spectrum from infants to the elderly. He has served as an expert in numerous international expert committees including Nutrition and Ageing in 1998, and most recently (February 2002) he chaired the World Health Organisation Expert Consultation on Nutrition, Diet and Chronic Disease.