OPAL News from 2006
23rd May 2006
A review of all available scientific literature has just been completed regarding the use of fish oil for the prevention of cognitive decline.
The review published by the Cochrane Library in January 2006 concluded that there were currently no published clinical trials that "could confirm or refute the utility of omega 3 PUFA [fish oils] in preventing cognitive impairment or dementia".
The review goes on to say that this "is an important area that is in pressing need of further research".
The conclusion of the review (of which Alan Dangour is a co-author) emphasises:
the importance of the OPAL study to determine the potential for the use of fish oil to slow or prevent cognitive decline in older people.
16 March 2006
Recruitment to OPAL study complete. We are delighted to announce that we have now reached our recruitment targets for both the main cognitive healthy study and the eye health study. In total, 868 participants are enrolled in the OPAL study. See the graph showing the rate at which participants were recruited to the OPAL study
OPAL News from 2005
11th November 2005
798 participants recruited to OPAL study. We are delighted to announce that the sample of 798 participants required for the cognitive function outcome of the OPAL study has been recruited. The participants were recruited over a 7 month period from 20 clinics across England and Wales. 5 clinics in and around London are continuing to recruit participants to the retinal function study. It is expected that all recruitment to OPAL will be complete early in the New Year.
29 June 2005
266 participants recruited - this is over one third of total study sample!